Thursday, July 30, 2015

Holiday review

                                ROCKY BEACH
Rocky beach a place where you can explore the rocks and the sea. This  beach is  where you can sea amazing new things.  Rocky beach is  found in Tapeka  just a few minutes away from Russell. This beach is a place for everyone.

This particular beach is good for snorkeling, diving, kayaking and basically any water sport you could think of . Sometimes the water is as clear as crystal sometimes it’s a bit rough. But most of the time it’s beautiful. There's lots of rocks in the water so there's lots of fish roaming around. If you look in the little rock pools you will find loads of starfish.

Rocks are so fun to climb on specially ones with amazing rock pools on them. If it’s high tide then it is a bit trickier to climb the rocks but it can be  a challenge. There’s even a little cave. Rocky beach is called rocky beach for a reason not just because of the big rocks everywhere,  it’s because there’s no sand, just stones.

Amongst the stones there’s beautiful shells to collect and find. There’s rare shells and just the occasionally pretty ones. You could always make something. Also there’s glass on the beach that’s not sharp and looks quite good.

If you or your kids aren’t interested in any of these things well prepare to be interested. At rocky beach there is also a TYRE SWING. The Tyre swing is extremely fun and safe.

If you are going on a trip to Russell I suggest that you go to tapeka while you are there, It’s just 5 minutes away.

If you are in need for a Mr whippy ice cream and you are at rocky beach well just walk up the road if you hear it and GET  ONE. It is so good.

pros                                                            cons
You can explore lots of rocks.                                              The tiny stones hurt if you go in bare feet.
There’s crystal clear water so you could see                     Sometimes the water could be a bit rough.
all the sea life around you. The tyre swing is safe           
and you could try many ways to go on it. If you want to
stay longer than a day then click here for bookabach                                                          

I give rocky beach a 4 out of 5 star rating because there are many other beaches around NZ. It is great but it’s also just another day at the beach.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Swimming sports

CLAP! And they were off. It was the first race for the day, it started off with freestyle.
All the year six, sevens and  eights were at Canons Creek pool to have a swimming race.
It was on a Wednesday the 29th of April. I am in Breast stroke and I'm doing the relays.
After freestyle it was breast stoke then it is back stroke then it was the hardest of them all
BUTTERFLY. After all of them it was the relays and I was in it. Takahe got into our positions then it was on. My team mate touched the wall so I could go, so I zoomed off. At the end of the relay we lost but it was still fun.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

ANZAC poppy art

It was the art that I've been waiting for since Mr Robinson showed me. It looked so awesome. It is poppy art. On a black piece of card board you paint your three poppies on it with red paint then you do the green steams down the page. After it's dry you colour in the back ground with soft pastels.   I loved doing it and it was quick and easy.  They all look awesome on the wall, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Anzac. 

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Sunday, November 2, 2014


As I was waiting in my class line I had a storm of butterflies rumbling  in my tummy. It was the night of the production and I was nervous as ever! Kauri block slowly started to move onto the stage. Its finally our turn to go past the audience in our amazing costumes.  The costumes are pretty cool. The girls wore red capes, and the boys wore wolf hat’s and wolf glove’s.

There are ten dances we have to get through and twelve scenes. This will be a long night I said to myself. As soon as the whole school got onto the stage we stood up and started to sing. The singing was cool but to tell you the truth  I didn't really like the song choice.

Straight away when we stopped singing the lights slowly faded away until it got as dark as the colour black. The lights turned back on but they weren't the same colour as they  were before. The props people got all the props ready as quick as they could. It was dark as anything, that’s when, from the corner of my eye I saw a glimpse of my friend holding a bookmark.

The characters came on as confident and as ready as they’ll ever be. As soon as they started to talk the audience’s faces lit up like dynamite.  All of a sudden it was our dance, it only felt like a few seconds but really it wasn't.

The roar in my tummy echoed all around my shivering body. I had goose bumps as I was walking onto the stage, getting into the starting position. Then along came the music . It finally came to the main bit in the dance when we all surrounded the wolf. After that move I could do my dance in much more confidence. Our dance went so quick. It was the same all the way through, actors, dancing singing, actors, dancing.

Until my friend Eva went on stage as Cinderella. Normally she never and I mean NEVER wears dressers but that day was the day she had to wear one if she wanted to act. She’s normally into shorts and shirts but definitely not dresses. She is the kind of girl that hates dresses and likes sports, just like me. This was the one in a lifetime opportunity to see her in a dress. Especially a Cinderella dress. She said her lines which she had to say then she stood at the side twirling her hair. She would never do that. If she would make her own Cinderella up she would make it as NO dresses just sports clothes and definitely not twirling her hair she would probably just stand to the side.

So after Evas act and the Cinderella dance it was nearly the end of the production. It flew bye. But at the very end was the song Everything is awesome. The only thing was I don’t really like that song it gets stuck in my head ALL the time. It was the end of the show but a really good one. It was such a good production. I had so much FUN!!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Incident

                     THE INCIDENT
The sun shone down  on my friend, and my leather body, as we've been doing this for ages. The ride has been going on for ever. People have been sitting on us, spewing on us and even farting on us. Just because we are part of a roller coaster doesn't mean people can sit on us. Being a seat isn't fun at all! As the skinny lady hops off me I can now see light.
My friend Gemma who is the seat next to me,  is also tired of being a seat, all you do is hold people so they don’t fall off. As  Gemma and I hear the tickets clicking together we wonder who is coming next to sit on us. Then all of a sudden I see two fat people heading Our way.

All I can think is go onto the other ride that is next to us.Take Gemma and another seat, whatever you do don’t take me please. But it’s too late a fat guy slowly sits on Gemma and I. The sun slowly dims. Now I can’t see light at all. The fat guys hands pierce into my leather skin, like a jaguar. His heavy wait is powering over me. I start to feel something squashing on my face. Then I realise that it is a half eaten hamburger. The hamburger was stuffed in his pants. I hope it doesn't go in my mouth, but it was too late. The half eaten hamburger was shoved down my mouth. The hamburger tastes revolting.

The ride starts. His hands are digging into my leather tummy. Nothing is more painful than what I'm going through. As the ride is slowly going around it starts to speed up. The guy is screaming his head off as I'm the one that's holding him and doing all the work. They guy is so fat and gross all I'm thinking about is what has been eating these days. I bet ya that he doesn't even know the hamburger is there. Then all of a sudden all I can hear is a rumbling tummy. I've heard this so many times before. What is it going to be is it going to be up or down. The guy says “ Oh no I think some things coming. And all I can think is this is going to be the worst day of my life.

Please say I'm just thinking this in my head. The only thing that gets me thinking of something else is a joke. I'm pretty bummed out get it. But that just made it worse. I can hear Gemma screaming from the smell of what the fat guy did to her. NO!! What should I do? I hear his tummy rumbling louder and louder each second I think about it. But it’s time. All of a sudden the fat guy lets it out. OMG. It was a fart. I'm screaming my head off as the deadly smell kills me. Will I die from the smell? Gemma has stopped screaming but I haven’t. The smell is horrendously disgusting.  The smell is getting into my leather heart. My heart seems to stop for a second because the smell killed it. Is this the end of me being the seat. My only dream was to enter Americas got talent. But now I realise that I'm only a seat that gets farted on. Is this the end of my life? I think I'm poisoned, with the smell of grossness.

Then suddenly I can see light. the big fat guy hops of my body. I'm relieved. I didn't die. As Gemma is beside me, we both gasp for nice good smelling air. I just have to ask Gemma if she is alive. She says “Yes but barely.” Hopefully my dream will come true and I will be able to go onto Americas got talent. Gemma and I start to think about what a close call. We nearly died. I have never smelled anything that gross before. As the guys walking away all I can see is the hamburger stuck between his butt. The sun shone down once again on Gemmas and I leather body.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

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From Jessica
Jessica Neil

All Abbie can hear is a sound of death trembling through her head. The deadly waterfall can kill any living thing that dares to go in, but the waterfall hasn't killed anyone yet. Voices start to scatter around in Abbie’s head.

The fresh, sparkly water rushes to the falls. As the spray squirts out,  it looks like a cloud is rising from the water. The sun is as bright as ever. The water sounds like a broken radio that can’t stop. The birds echo as they hum in their head. Dirt slips through any jandal that dares to touch it. When the water hits the edge, it is as blue as the sky. Branches scrape Abbie’s skin off as she walks by. Pine cones drop from the towering trees. The leaves slowly fall off a tree like a feather. The water glistens as the sun shines onto one area. All the trees look like 15 meters high, well to Abbie they do. Abbie starts to bite her fingernails, as she is frightened. The taste of her disgusting fingernails makes her feel hungry. The  sound of the cascades fill the air with noise. The sticks and branches have the same colour to the trees.

All Abbie can think about is what a lovely place to be in. The waterfall is the most beautiful thing, that Abby has seen in her life. But deadly.The bush is the best place to be in when  you feel sad, it makes you feel happy.  Her sparkly blue eyes blend into the sea. Her beautiful smile brings joy to everyone. Her long, straight blonde hair blows in the powerful wind. She is really sporty and energetic. Abbie is adventurous and loves the sea. She is happy and smart in her own way not dumb. She is definitely mischievous and always cheeky. Her white, shiny teeth bring out her red, rosy cheeks. Abbies skin is as soft as a block of slippery and slimy soap. She is really kind and friendly. She loves animals and loves nature. Her blue shorts match up with her green t-shirt. She  always has time for laughter and jokes. Abbie mainly likes to explore by herself because she likes the feeling when she sees something amazing. All Abbie can think of is what a beautiful place to find.  Her thin soft eyelashes flutter like a delicate butterfly. Abbies freckles scatters around her face. She has lots of friends. Her blue and green  earrings match her clothes .  She has so many  bracelets dangling  on her arm. Abbies blonde eyebrows perk up whenever she is happy, excited, surprised or confused. Everyone that is her friend would be the happiest person in the world, because everything you want in a friend, she has. Abbie is only sometimes naughty only sometimes. She sometimes goes into her own world. Abbie has a really cool imagination. She is very careful what she does. She is not too dangerous.’’ The waterfall and the bush has never been discovered before ” “What does this mean?” says Abbey. Abbeys skin is like a nice olive colour. Her friends are always jealous of her skin cause it matches her hair.

Then all of a sudden Abbie sees something amazing. It was a swing hanging down from a tree to get across the deadly waterfall. It has been hanging there and Abbie hasn't even seen it . Lots of thoughts are going through Abbies mind. It’s almost like there's a devil on one side, that is telling her to go across. And theres a angel on the other side saying not to go. A few minutes pass by and Abbie finally has decided to go across. But the only thing is Abbie hasn't tried the swing to see if it holds her wait. Abbie leans to the swing and holds on for dear life. She gets up on a rock and pushes off it. As she’s nearly there, the swing breaks, and Abbie goes tumbling down to the water. Abbies arm pokes out of the water as the rest of her body is under the water. Her head finally pops up for air, until she notices the waterfall is at least 3 meters away. Abbie starts to panic. And I don’t mean panic,  I mean  lots of panic. Her face begins to go red. Abbies sweating all over her body. Which is weird because she’s under water.

From a corner of Abbies eye she sees a big, thick branch hanging down from a tree. The only problem is the tree is near the waterfall. Abbie thinks for two seconds, then decides that she will have to take the risk. Her arms begin to feel more wet, slippery and more sweaty than ever. Abbie grabs the branch as her legs are hanging over the waterfall. Then her tummy goes over the waterfall. “Will I die?” says Abbie. As soon as Abbies chest is over the waterfall, and her fingers are just gripping to the branch, she sees huge roots hanging over the cliff. Abbie slowly lets go of the branch with one hand. Then she reaches as far as she can to the roots and holds for dear life. She slowly lets go of the branch then holds on to the other root. Now Abbies whole body is relying on her hands. Her whole body is over the waterfall waiting for her to drop. While Abbie holds on for dear life she remembered that when she did gymnastics she had to hold on to two ropes, and then try to get back up. She did the same thing her coach taught her. Abbie slowly but steadily moves her feet up to the tree then moves the rest of her body up to the land. “Finally” says Abbie.
What will Abbie do now? Will she ever come back here again? Will Abbie carry on her adventures.?